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Meet Christina Hellmann

Osteopath & Sports Massage Therapist
Christina Hellmann is a fully qualified Osteopath and Sports Massage Therapist. She graduated from the British School of Osteopathy with a Masters in Osteopathy and is also fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council and Institute of Osteopathy.
Christina knew from an early age that she wanted to pursue a career in Osteopathy and prides herself on a high standard of patient care.
'I strongly believe in providing each of my patients with an individual treatment plan designed specifically for them using techniques to treat not only their symptoms but also the underlying cause of those symptoms'.
Christina has been working as an osteopath since 2014 and set up CH Osteopathy in 2015. She now runs her clinic from Avenue Tennis in Gillingham.  She is also approved for most private health companies. She has treated people of all ages for a range of problems and regularly attends lectures to keep up to date with the latest information and research on health and fitness.
So whether you're looking for help with a specific injury or condition or if you just feel you need a bit of an all over 'MOT', Christina makes sure that every appointment is tailored just for you so you can get the best out of your treatments.
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 CH Osteopathy

Avenue Tennis, Featherby Road, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 6AN

Phone: 01634 386188 (Avenue Tennis Reception) 



Why Osteopathy?

It can help with

Osteopath at Work

Sciatica is when the sciatic nerve gets pinched or irritated. Symptoms can include pain, burning, pins and needles and numbness down the back of the thigh and calf. Sciatica affects people differently depending on what's affecting the nerve. Osteopathy can help to discover the cause of your sciatica and how to treat it.

Muscle spasm

A muscle spasm is an involuntary cramping or tightening of the muscle fibres. It can often cause pain, stiffness and twitching of the affected muscle or muscle group. Osteopathy can help to relieve this discomfort and quicken your recovery time. 

Back pain

Back pain can be caused by a wide variety of injuries and conditions and affects people of all ages. Osteopathy can help to find the cause of your back pain and can help to treat and manage your symptoms.

Digestion and circulation problems
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Osteopathy can help to improve some digestion and circulatory problems. Using information about your past medical history and lifestyle, osteopathic treatment will be adapted specifically for you in an effort to restore balance back to your body.

Arthritic pain

Gentle osteopathic treatment has been shown to help people suffering with the symptoms of arthritis.


Headaches can be attributed to lots of factors and it can sometimes be difficult to determine the cause. However osteopathy can be beneficial for people suffering with headaches and migraines. 

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'I came to Christina with intense lower back pain and emerged already well on the road to recovery. Her priceless blend of expertise and empathy was exactly what I was looking for. I have since been back for a follow up session and look forward to many more, as and when needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Christina to anyone: thank you very much!'

 - M.M

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Initial consultation:

45 minutes     £43


30 minutes     £43

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Osteopath at Work

30 minutes     £33

45 minutes     £43

60 minutes     £53

90 minutes     £73

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