• Christina Hellmann

Arthritis Action

About Arthritis Action

Arthritis Action (Registered Charity No. 292569) is the UK charity offering an integrated self-management approach to combat the impact of arthritis.

Members of the Charity can choose from a range of relevant, evidence-based services designed to enable them to live active lives with less pain. These include:

  • Self-management educational events and Arthritis Action Groups

  • Healthy eating and weight management consultations with a qualified dietitian

  • An interactive website and informative magazine

  • Access to subsidised physical therapies through the Associated Practitioner scheme

At CH Osteopathy, we are proud to be collaborating with the Charity as Associate Practitioners, offering people with arthritis protected time with a clinician to discuss any concerns they might have about the condition and to talk about how the self-management approach might help them, at the same time as receiving some hands-on therapy.

To find out more about how Arthritis Action can help you, visit their website or follow them on Twitter Facebook and Health Unlocked

You can also contact us via the website on our Contact Us page, via email at or via phone on 07814 184347.